Services Portfolio

Computer and Office Technique

  • Sale, remodeling, installation of computers and servers
  • Sale and installation of individual components, printers and next accessories
  • Complete guaranty and after guaranty service

Computer Systems

  • Proposals and complete installation of computer net systems
  • Supply and installation of net SW
  • Supply and installation of active net component units
  • Regular maintaining and mending of computer net systems

Application and Operating Systems

  • Certified installations and mending servers systems of Microsoft
  • Installation and mending database servers
  • Graphic systems – supplies and installation
  • Application development tailor-made

Internet connection

  • Automatic antiviral control of the electronic mail
  • Automatic preclusion of unwanted mail
  • Webhosting, serverhosting
  • Installation and mending of communication internet ties
  • Certified installation and mending of mail servers

Internet – Application and Webdesign

  • Creation of internet presentations
  • Creation of internet application tailor-made
  • Solutions to internet commerce
  • Prepared applications for various purposes (market place, internet forum)

Information Systems

  • Economic systems – supplies and implementation
  • System integration
  • Managerial and service systems – creating and setting

Other Activities

  • Training and consultation
  • Advertisement on the Internet
  • Consultation in the computer-assisted techniques and equipment sphere

Supported Technology and Products

  • The company Softech supplies and supports modern and perspective technologies with optimal proportion (price x quality x output).

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